Sunday, November 23, 2003

The whole Nathaniel Heatwole fiasco has been in the news for awhile now. I thought I post some of what what the Smoking Gun wrote to show people how serious the breach to airport security was.

Remarkably, Heatwole sent an e-mail to the Transportation Security Administration on September 15 with a subject line reading, "Information Regarding 6 Recent Security Breaches." The e-mail, which carried Heatwole's name and telephone number, detailed how the writer smuggled box cutters, blades, a knife, bleach, and "a simulated plastic explosive" onto planes at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Despite Heatwole's acknowledgement in the e-mail that his actions were illegal, TSA representatives apparently never bothered to investigate his claim. Heatwole's gambit, a misguided attempt to call attention to what he saw as lapses in airline security, triggered the inspection last week of the entire commercial air fleet, about 7,000 planes.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Further Argument for the Distributed Anti-Christ

Hi, kids. It's uncle Ian again. I know it's been a while since I wrote anything here, but I have something to say on the topic today. First, read this post to my own blog, powered by hate, vodka and greed:

Disturbing Trend

Ok, there's something going on that I have to say something about. So far, two VERY interesting blogs that I link to, full of hot sex stories (one with pictures), written by two very hot chicks, have disappeared off of the face of the earth. Why, you may ask, would someone deprive the planet (and myself) of such vicarious pleasure? In both cases, it's because someone the authors know found out about the blogs.

I mean, come ON. The nature of the internet is that anything placed on it is immediately available for public view. By anyone with access to a computer and a modem. ANYONE. Even your ex-spouses and parents. To expect that people you know aren't eventually going to find out about any publically accessed site you generate content for is absolutey asinine. It's going to happen. These two chicks wrote shit about thier lives that they felt they couldn't tell anyone they knew. But, they publically plastered this information in a forum that can be seen by ANYONE, including those people they didn't want to know in the first place.

Doesn't anyone else see the inherent flaw here? Especially if you use your real name. Google is so simple my great aunt can use it, for chrissakes. You think she doesn't search for her beloved nephew's name on it? Yes, she does. And she found this site once. She didn't like it, and disapproved heartily. But did I pack up and put a placeholder page here, saying "OH GOD MY FAMILY KNOWS MY DIRTY SECRETS NOW"? Hell, no! I showed her a copy of the first amendment and KEPT WRITING. Hell, she used to change my diapers, for god's sake, she's totally used to my shit.

Maybe it's a chick thing. I know for a fact that women do depraved shit and expect it to be kept a secret. And they get all bent out of shape when it's exposed to the world. Come on, ladies. Lighten up. Everyone knows that you're all whores deep down and that you get off on it. It's part of the human condition. Men are too. Let's just be what we are, let the chips fall where they may, and write about it on the internet so I can get a boner.

Now, if the two ladies in question are reading this, (WorldBounder and Shiv), let me just say that I really miss the shit you two used to write. Grow a pair and get back to those blogs, for chrissakes. I hate to see you get railroaded into some twisted societal conditioning where you cant be what you want to be, or do what what you want to do. You obviously WANTED to write these things, because you did. You only stopped because of stupid societal pressure. FUCK THAT. Be yourselves, and fuck anyone who doesn't like it square in the ASS. DO NOT FLINCH. PULL THE TRIGGER.

So who is the Anti-Christ in this scenario? We all are. The mantle of the Beast is distributed to us one and all. Societal pressure forces people to do stupid, asinine, and worst, BORING things every day. Why do we do this to each other? What's the point? Does it make us feel better? Possibly, in that we're somehow exercising control over oneanother, and that always feels empowering. But frankly, it's just not worth it to listen to people most of the time. Sure, some people need others for a moral or self-preservational compass, like, say, the insane. But most of us listen and heed the words of the others in our lives without question, and feel guilty when circumstances force us to be unable to do so.

I say, FUCK THAT NOISE. Do what you want. When someone says or does something that makes you feel like you shouldn't do what you want, you should SERIOUSLY examine thier motives, and why they want to stop you. If it's for some stupid, pointless societal reason that doesn't make any sense to you, FUCK THEM. Do it anyway. You'll feel better about yourself, I guarantee it. When you DO cave in, you're just doing what the Anti-Christ wants you to do.